Court Order Name Change


How do I update my birth record after I have a court ordered name change?

If you or your child was born in North Dakota and you are wanting your name updated on the birth record following a name change, you will need to provide our office with the following:

  1. Certified copy of the Court Order changing you or your child's name, which must include the original name on the birth record, the new name and the date of birth.
  2. Certified copy of the court's Confidential Information Form, if one was created, which can be used for your original name, the new name and the date of birth if these three items are not included in the court order.
  3. Dated/Signed letter from you requesting our office update you or your child's birth record based on the court order.
  4. The $15 amendment fee, made payable to the: North Dakota Department of Health.
  5. A legible, non-expired, copy of your photo ID.

If you would like an updated certified copy of your birth record following the name change, you will also need to submit a Request for a Certified Copy of a Birth Record (SFN 8140), along with an additional $15 per copy requested.


Do I need to update my birth record after I get married?

No.  If your name changes as a result of marriage, you should not update your birth record.  A certified copy of your marriage record along with your birth record should explain to any agency how your name was changed.