State Health Council


The State Health Council serves as the North Dakota Department of Health's governing and advisory body. The council's 9 members are appointed by the governor for three-year terms. Four members are appointed from the health care provider community and five from the public sector.

The council establishes standards, rules and regulations which are found necessary for the maintenance of public health. They provide for the development, establishment and enforcement of basic standards for hospitals and related medical institutions which render medical and nursing care, and for the construction and maintenance of such institutions. These standards cover matters pertaining to sanitation, building construction, fire protection measures, nursing procedures and preservation of medical records. The council also holds hearings on all matters brought before it by applicants and licensees of medical hospitals.

Chair - Genny Dienstmann (Consumer)

Vice Chair - Duane Pool (Consumer)

Secretary - Vacant


  • Darrold Bertsch (Consumer) 
  • James Brosseau (Health Care)
  • Mike Fedorchak (Consumer)
  • Tyler Lannoye (Health Care)
  • Kristin Roers (Health Care) 
  • Torey Sayler (Consumer)
  • Dennis E. Wolf, MD (Health Care) 

Messages or questions for any member of the State Health Council can be sent to Please indicate in your email which member the message is for.