Food Employee Food Safety Training


Why is Food Safety Training Needed? 

  • To protect your business 
  • To protect the public 
  • To improve compliance with state and local food regulations 

Food Handler Training

Food handler training courses provide food employees the critical information they need to safely handle, prepare, and servefood and is recommended for all people involved in the preparation, handling, serving and display of food. Although recommended,food handler training is not required in North Dakota Food Code. 

Food handler training may be required depending on local food code ordinances and local requirements. Contact your local public health unit for additional information. 

How to take Food Handler Training 

Complete a food safety training course such as one provided by the following online courses or attend a food safety training approved by the state or local regulatory authority. 


Food Protection Manager Certification

A Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) is anindividual who has supervisory or managementresponsibility over food preparation or food service,training staff, and who has demonstrated knowledge offood safety regulations by means of passing acertification test from a recognized accredited program. 

Although it is recommended that food establishments operating in North Dakota have at least one employee with supervisory ormanagement responsibility certified, CFPM is not a requirement of North Dakota Food Code 

Food Manager Certification may be required depending on local food code ordinance and local requirements. Contact your local publichealth unit for additional information. 

How to become a CFPM 

Pass a certification exam as listed by one ofthe following recognized food protection managercertification accredited programs: 

Additional Food Safety Educational Materials and Links