Reducing the Risk of SIDS


A Child Care Provider's Guide to Safe Sleep by the American Academy of Pediatrics: This easy-to-read brochure provides child-care providers with straightforward information about safe sleep practices, as well as information about SIDS.

A Parents' Guide to Safe Sleep Handout: This handout has information for both parents and child-care providers about reducing the risk of SIDS. This handout for parents will help you work with your child-care provider to ensure that your baby sleeps safely.

American Academy of Pediatrics: Policy Statement: Task Force on SIDS. This article published in the November 2011 edition of Pediatrics, Vol. 128 No. 5 reviews the latest SIDS research associated with sleep position and adopts new recommendations based on current research to further reduce the risk of SIDS.

Back To Sleep/Safe To Sleep Campaign

Back to Sleep, Tummy to Play brochure: This brochure points out ways to reduce the risk of SIDS by placing babies on their back and discusses the importance of supervised tummy time for healthy infant development.

Child Care Aware ND Health and Safety Resources: Health and Safety information for childcare providers in North Dakota.

Questions and Answers for Health Care Providers

Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Child Care Speaker's Kit (Power Point). This tool can be used by health-care professionals,  public health educators, child-care providers, or just about anyone to educate their community about sudden infant death syndrome in child care. Print out your own copy of the Power Point presentation and speaker's notes for this kit. Download is free and copies may be made for educational purposes. Click on and scroll down to the training and education section.

Safe Sleep For My Grandbaby

Safe Sleep Videos

What Does a Safe Sleep Environment Look Like?

What Is SIDS?