What happens at my first appointment and what should I bring?


At your first WIC appointment, WIC staff will check to see if you or your child is eligible for WIC.clipboard

They will:

  • Look at your proof of income for your household.
  • Ask a few questions about your family’s health and nutrition.
  • Weigh, measure and check iron status for you and/or your child.

When you set up your appointment, the WIC staff will tell you to be sure to bring your infant or child with you and other information including:

  • Proof of identification for each applicant: Crib card (for infants), immunization records (infants and children), drivers license (women) or other photo ID from school or work, passport, social service benefits card or birth certificate.
  • Proof of where you live with your name, street address, city, state, and zip code: drivers’ license or other state ID, social services letter (Medicaid, SNAP, TANF) with current address, electrical/utility/cable bill, rental agreement or paychecks. 
  • Proof of income for everyone in the household. Household means members of a family/house­hold who live together and share expenses. Bring all sources of income such as Medicaid card, SNAP or TANF award letter, verification form from Head Start/Early Head Start, paychecks, income tax forms (if self-employed), or Social Security benefits.
  • Proof of immunization (shot records for infants/children up to age 2).

WIC does not require proof of citizenship or alien status.

Welcome to the ND WIC Program and these are your rights and responsibilities when participating in WIC