Tobacco Laws and Ordinances


North Dakota Tobacco Control Laws 

Smoke-Free Air
  North Dakota's Smoke-Free Law

  North Dakota's Smoke-Free Law Sign

Tobacco Excise Taxes
    Tobacco Products Tax Law (NDCC 57-36-06 and 57-36-32) 

  Other Tobacco Products
    Tobacco Products Tax Law (NDCC 57-36-25) 

Youth Access
  Sale of tobacco to minors and use by minors prohibited (NDCC 12.1-31-03)

  Sale of bidis prohibited (NDCC 12.1-31-10) 

  Law enforcement agencies - duty to inform team (NDCC 15.1-24-05) 

  Peace officers to report violations (NDCC 44-04-06) 

Internet Sales
  Remote sales of tobacco products (NDCC 51-32-01) 

Licensing Requirements
  Tobacco Products Tax Law (NDCC 57-36-02) 

Tobacco Retailers
  Minors Possessing Tobacco While Acting as Retail Clerk (NDCC 12.1-31-03.3)

Tobacco Settlement
  Tobacco Product Manufacturer Sales (NDCC 51-25-02) 

  Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund (NDCC 54-27-25) 

Federal Tobacco Control Laws 

Tobacco 21