Medical-dental integration is an approach to care that integrates and coordinates dental medicine into primary care and behavioral health to support individual and population health. When medical-dental integration is successful, it can:

  1. Increase communication and collaboration.
  2. Improve care quality through,
    1. Better health outcomes.
    2. Increased patient satisfaction.
  3. Reduce costs for the patient and the facility.

Primary care, health centers, dental teams and others interested in developing a model of medical-dental integration should contact Cheri Kiefer at 701-328-4930 with the North Dakota Department of Oral Health, or review the Medical-Dental Integration Manual developed by the North Dakota Oral Health Program.

Standard Framework for Levels of Integrated Medical-Dental Health Care




Public Health Hygienist

Learn more about the work in North Dakota to implement dental care into family medical settings. Access program evaluation reports and a medical-dental integration manual.

Blood Pressure Screening

Learn more about how North Dakota dentists play a role in identifying people with high blood pressure and connecting them to medical care.

Emergency Room Diversion

Learn more about the work in North Dakota exploring opportunities to work with health systems, emergency rooms, and dental offices to better triage dental emergencies.