Mental Health Care Shortage Areas


Mental Health HPSA's refer to a shortage of mental health providers. There are several eligible disciplines that qualify as a mental health providers, including:​

  • ​Psychologists ​
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Clinical Social Workers ​
  • Psychiatric Nurse Specialists ​
  • Marriage and Family Therapists ​

These providers are considered core mental health providers. However, there is the option to use 'Psychiatrists Only' for mental health designations and this is what North Dakota uses for mental health designations in the state.​

Mental Health Care Map


Mental Health Care Scoring: (HPSA Score Out of 25)

Mental Health Care Scoring

  • Population-to-Provider ratio: 0-7 points  ​

  • Percent of the population at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL): 0-5 points​

  • Elderly Ratio: 0-3 points​

  • Youth Ratio: 0-3 points​

  • Alcohol Abuse Prevalence: potential for 1 supplemental/extra point​

  • Substance Abuse Prevalence: potential for 1 supplemental/extra point​

  • Travel time or distance to nearest source of non-designated accessible care (NSC): 0-5 points ​