Family Voices of North Dakota

Family Voices of ND partners with families who have children with special health care needs to find resources and services that can help them navigate through the public and private health systems. Project Carson supports families who have received a prenatal or at birth diagnosis. This program is sponsored by Designer Genes of Bismarck.

Family Voices staff are also parents of children/youth and young adults with chronic health, physical, developmental and mental health challenges. Having a child with a disability can be overwhelming and exhausting and they are here to help! Please click here: Family Voices of North Dakota to visit their website for more information.

Parent to Parent

 A group of parents supporitng families of children with developmental delays, disabilities and special health needs. Please click here: Parent to Parent to visit their website for more information.

Special Health Services

Special Health Services promotes a system of care and services that improves the health and well-being of individuals with special health care needs and their families. If your baby's provider suspects that your baby may have a medical condition that requires testing and treatment, the North Dakota Department of Health through the Special Health Services may be able to provide financial assistance and resources for you. To determine eligibility, contact your local county social service office and ask to speak with a Special Health Services (SHS) worker or contact SHS directly at 701.328.2436 or toll-free 800.755.2714. You may also email or visit for more information.

Prenatal Genetics Video

This video explains what genetics testing is available for pregnant women and their baby. A genetic counselor can help expecting parents to decide what genetic testing may be beneficial for them.