Statute, Regulations and Legislation

Emergency Medical Services
N.D.C.C. 23-27 Licensing of Emergency Medical Service Operations (pdf) 
N.D.A.C. 33-11 Licensing of Ambulance Services (pdf) 
N.D.A.C. 33-36 EMS Personnel Training, Testing and Certification (pdf) 
N.D.A.C. 23-12-08 Emergency Medical Services Authorized (pdf) 
N.D.C.C. 23-46 Emergency Medical Services (HB 1044) (EMSAC, Funding Areas)

N.D.C.C. 23-01.2 Trauma and Emergency Medical System (pdf) 
N.D.A.C. 33-38 State Trauma System (pdf)

Public Access Defibrillation Information
N.D.C.C. 32-03.1 Good Samaritan Act (pdf)

Epinephrine Administration
N.D.C.C. 23-01-05.2  State Health Officer May Authorize the Administration of Epinephrine (pdf) 
N.D.A.C. 33-37-01 Epinephrine Administration (pdf)

Bloodborne Pathogen Testing Statute 
N.D.C.C. 23-07.5  Bloodborne Pathogen Testing (pdf)

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