Naloxone Administration

If your squad is interested in carrying and having the ability to administer naloxone, you must first CONTACT YOUR MEDICAL DIRECTOR. Naloxone administration has been added to the scope of practice at the EMR and EMT level as an additional skill that requires medical direction approval and additional training. EMR's and EMT's will be allowed to administer naloxone via auto-injector or intranasal route. Mandatory training, along with written and signed protocol must be in place prior to carrying or administering naloxone while working as a licensed medical professional.


Please visit with your local medical director about whether naloxone is desired and essential in your area. If your medical director determines naloxone would be of benefit for your service to carry and administer, the medical director is then responsible for either conducting the training or or delegating qualified personnel to conduct the training. The training for naloxone administration for BLS providers can be requested by the medical director completing the Naloxone Administration Training Request and submitting to DEMS.


Naloxone Administration Training Request

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