EMS Database Information - ESO Solutions

The North Dakota Department of Health, Division of Emergency Medical Systems (DEMS) is in the process of transitioning to ESO Solutions as the new software vendor for the state EMS repository.

ESO EMS Overview Orientation: A high level overview to serve as a simple orientation to the ESO system for EMS agencies. Not intended to be a detailed user training.

ESO End-User Training: How to input electronic patient care records (ePCRs) in the field.

ESO Admin Training: Daily care of and upkeep and discovering your 'super powers' while using ESO.

*ESO "Kick-Off" Webinar Set-up instructions for your ambulance service.

*ESO Hospital Overview Orientation: A high level overview of the time lines and installation process for hospitals outlining some new features that were not available in the old system including real time availability. 

*These are Windows Media files.  They need to be viewed from a Windows PC or a Mac with special software installed. 



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