EMS Protocols

The North Dakota state EMS treatment protocols were updated in April 2016.

The purpose of these protocols is to provide guidance to local agencies and medical directors in the development of individual agency protocols. 

Important note:

1. Individual EMS agencies are encouraged to download the provided protocols and edit them to suit local needs.

2. Any individual updates and / or revision dates should be reflected in the footer of individual agency protocols.

3. The cover page to the provided protocols serves as a medical director approval page and must be edited to reflect local approved protocols and signed by the agency medical director on record for each agency.

 **Updated protocols posted 12/16/2016**

  • Changes made only affect those using the Paramedic portion
  • NOTE: Medication dosages have been fixed for the drug Midazolam

North Dakota EMS Treatment Protocols (v. 12/16/2016)

As protocol updates or changes are made DEMS will post a version (v.) date for clarification.

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