EMS Personnel Licensure

Download Adobe Reader to view these forms. These PDF forms allow you to save time by filling your form out online and printing it on your printer. These forms will open in a new window. Read and follow instructions listed on all individual forms.

1. EMS Registration - To be used for initial / renewal of state licensure, student registration, addition to an agency roster, changes in demographic information.

2. Non-Nationally Registered EMR, AFAA, EMT Continuing Education Report - To be used by EMS Personnel who are NOT Nationally Registered for re-licensure with DEMST. This form must be submitted along with an EMS Registration Fom. This form may not be submitted prior to January 1 of the year of expiration.

3. Nationally Registered Advanced EMT (AEMT) Continuing Education Report - To be used ONLY by Nationally Registered AEMTs.

4. ALS Provider License / Renewal Application - To be used by I-85, I-99, AEMT and Paramedic for re-licensure with DEMST. This form must include a medical director signature in order to be considered complete.

NREMT webinars are available for help with the recertification process.

'Recert' - for help with NREMT NCCP recertification

EMS Personnel Training Requirements

EMS Provider Skill Set - EMR

EMS Provider Skill Set - EMT

EMS Provider Skill Set - AEMT

EMS Provider Skill Set - Paramedic

Personnel Relicensure Requirements (North Dakota Continued Competency Requirements)

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