Easy to Use Services and Supports


Each of the systems of care principles has individual importance and relational value. Together, they are building blocks that form the infrastructure upon which each community's individualized system of care is built. The keystone to that infrastructure and the system of care itself is a community-based approach, with easy to use services and supports. Children and youth with special health care needs benefit greatly from community-based services that support their health, development, education, vocation, therapies, recreation and transition to adulthood. 

The National Center for Ease of Use of Community Based Services strives to advance policy and practice solutions that improve the ease of use of community-based services for families with a child with special health care needs (CSHCN). 

FirstLink maintains a large resource database of services and providers located throughout North Dakota, including but not limited to: health care, food, housing, education, and transportation.

2022 Multidisciplinary Clinic Directory List of Pediatric Specialists

SHS Medical Advisory Council
Special Health Services utilizes a Medical Advisory Council to provide advice regarding quality care and services for children with special health care needs and their families.

Care Coordination
Meeting the complex health needs of children and their families often requires special assistance in the form of care coordination, which is also known as case management or service coordination. Care coordination through Special Health Services helps families access services and resources in their community and when needed, across multiple service delivery settings with multiple providers.

County Social Services staff work closely with SHS to coordinate care for children with special health care needs.