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Approval to Practice for Health Care Professionals from Out-of-State

As directed by Executive Order 2020-05.1 and as part of our response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, licensing requirements have been suspended for health care and behavioral health professionals currently licensed and in good standing in other states. Health care and behavioral health professionals include individuals licensed under the following Chapters of North Dakota Century Code:

  • Chapter 43-12.1 (Nurse Practices Act);
  • Chapter 43-15 (Pharmacists);
  • Chapter 43-17 (Physicians and Surgeons);
  • Chapter 43-32 (Psychologists);
  • Chapter 43-30 (Occupational Therapists);
  • Chapter 43- 41 (Social Workers);
  • Chapter 43-42 (Respiratory Care Practitioners);
  • Chapter 43-44 (Dietitians and Nutritionists);
  • Chapter 43-45 (Addiction Counselors);
  • Chapter 43-47 (Counselors);
  • Chapter 43-48 (Clinical Laboratory Personnel);
  • Chapter 43-53 (Marriage and Family Therapy Practice);
  • Chapter 43-57 (Integrative Health Care);
  • Chapter 43-58 (Naturopaths);
  • Chapter 43-62 (Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy);
  • Chapter 23-27 (Emergency Medical Services)

Interested health care and behavioral health professionals must complete the online application which includes proof of identity, proof of licensure and a letter of good standing in another state. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed for temporary approval to practice.

The application can be completed here:  APPLICATION FOR APPROVAL TO PRACTICE

There is no cost to obtain the temporary approval to practice. The approval will be valid for the duration of the declared state of emergency. In order to practice beyond the declared state of emergency, professionals must follow the statutory requirements associated with their profession.

For questions, please email