Cancer Ribbon Circle



ND Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control Program

Comprehensive Cancer Control – Works with stakeholders and partners to develop a common vision for comprehensive cancer control, create a coordinated statewide cancer control plan and assemble available resources to carry out the plan by:

  • developing communication channels
  • identifying resources
  • integrating activities and networking with other state programs
  • identifying data sources and data gaps
  • analyzing data to define the cancer problem
  • identifying existing activities and strategies in the public and private sectors for prevention, early detection, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care
  • identifying priority populations
  • evaluating program effectiveness

North Dakota’s Cancer Control Plan 2018 – 2022

North Dakota’s Cancer Control Plan 2018 – 2022 is and integrated and coordinated plan that suggests strategies in the areas of cancer prevention, early detection and screening, treatment and disease management, quality of life, health disparities and healthcare workforce of the future.

Click to view the 2018-2022 ND Statewide Cancer Plan, a strategic five-year plan to lift the burden of cancer in North Dakota.