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An Infant Friendly Workplace is a business designation for employers who support breastfeeding by providing a dedicated space and adequate time for new mothers to pump milk during the workday. By supporting breastfeeding in the workplace, employers can show support for a mother’s decision to breastfeed, which helps to keep babies, children and mothers healthy in the community. In addition to benefitting babies and mothers, Infant Friendly Workplaces also have significant benefits for employers. 


The North Dakota Department of Health is here to assist workplaces across North Dakota with creating a private, comfortable space and achieve the Infant Friendly Workplace Designation. 





Employer Benefits of Infant Friendly Workplaces 


Reduced Sick Leave

Breastfed infants have lower risk for common illnesses such as colds and ear infections, reducing sick leave for new mothers. 


Lower Healthcare Insurance Costs

Healthier infants require fewer medical appointments and prescriptions, leading to lower employer costs. 


Higher Employee Productivity

A supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers has been shown to increase both morale and productivity.


Retention of Experienced Employees

Studies show that businesses with breastfeeding support programs have higher retention rates for new mothers.