Autism Spectrum Disorder







North Dakota Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Database

Welcome to the North Dakota Department of Health's Autism Spectrum Disorder website. We manage a database which includes a record of all individuals diagnosed with ASD. The information collected will be used to complete epidemiologic surveys, research and analysis, and provide services to individuals with an ASD.

By studying the prevalence of ASD diagnoses in North Dakota over time, we will be gathering important information that will:

  • Inform public policy decisions
  • Improve community awareness
  • Assist in the identification of risk factors
  • Improve services and support for people with ASD

*Attention: The ASD Report Form (SFN 60804) has been revised. Only a fillable pdf version will be available at this time. Other alternative methods for reporting are currently underway. If you have any questions, contact the ASD Database Administrator.        


To Report a Case of ASD: 


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